Sunday, August 09, 2020

                            Got a few cycle pictures foe you today !!


                               This is such a great paint job !!


                Another great bike !

   Makes you stop and think , eh!

 Another  fine  cycle !!


 A robber's convention , inspecting a new means for get-aways !





Wednesday, August 05, 2020

                     Every so often , I will include some bagpipe tips for you   -----  Now this is something no real bagpiper should ever do  -----  even as a joke   ------   NEVER , NEVER ATTACH  BALLOONS TO YOUR BAGPIPES  !!!!!! And never let anyone else  help attach balloons to thy bagpipes !!!    Not only does this make the bagpipes hard to play , it cheapens the bagpiper involved , and when the bagpiper actually gets the pipes up and running ,the crowd around the piper tend to make snarky asides to one another , not to mention gruffawing and snorting beer through their noses , when they use straws!  They are known to pipers as tone-deaf trash !!   FACT !!!

                             From time to time , since Sturgis is a go , I will sneak in a motorcycle shot    -----   like this one   ( got to work on this alining words to pictures thingy )

                               Here's another great motorcycle shot !!   Hard to tell the model !!                                    

                                            Ahhhhhhh  ------   Ths Purple Circus !!

Tuesday, August 04, 2020

                        I know that I just ran this , but at the time , I didn't know how to enlarge it !